Who is Giving to Whom?

There is a giddy sense of excitement about Nov. 1st. Unusual for the normal prep of teaching  an intense event.  I have this “anticipation” of what is coming. Real celebration.  I don’t think I even know what is coming other than the Lord is really eager to drink in our worship, to hear us bragging on Him. I really hope, for your sake, that  you will plan to attend.

I believe the Lord has something He wants to pour out on us. Perspective? Hope? Even Faith?

Your biggest challenge will be wiping away whatever obstacle is being thrown at you to keep you from sitting with Him. I know how it feels.  I am doing the same dance. But I am calling you like He is calling me…choose to be with Him. Listen for Him. Look to Him.

Let’s see what He is celebrating Nov 1st.  My guess is it will have something to do with you…

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