New Wine Church

February 2020

And Just like that, New Wine turns 3!.  How good God has been among us! The connection, the honesty, the worship. We are so thankful for loving hearts who long to enjoy His presence.  We are also so thankful for the way this body pours out on the community. Let’s keep Going. God has so much for us!


September 2018

Whew! What a crazy couple of weeks. We have had three Sunday meetings in our new home and kicking off our other weekly meetings on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.
We are So grateful for God’s goodness and very specific provision.
Listen, we know that New Wine is an unusual gathering. And we also know that we are In Process. The growing pains are hard on all of us. But just know that we are trying to listen and obey every awkward step of the way.
We have successfully arranged childcare.
We have 2 working K-cup coffee machines.
We even have tables like a coffee shop we all loved.

But more than anything, we want to be a place that loves God and loves each other in increasing measure. So you are welcome to join us. Any time. Every time. Or never. Because we are family no matter what, no matter where we go on Sunday mornings.

The Greater Things Houses are a divine experiment. To let God use His houses any way He wants. So pray with us and for us. And dream with us. God dreams always take God to pull off. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you want to join us on Sunday we begin 10-ish. lol
If you want to see or use, PM me for details.
Our new address is 2321 Sutherland. Two houses with one mission. Reveal the Heart of God.
(Don’t be fooled by the little houses, there is a TON of space in the Meetings House, three big rooms).

Feb 2017

What can I say? We have been doing “church” for years. Jesus called it ‘where two or more are gathered in his name.’  So yeah. That’s what we have been doing. But then came the call to start something on Sunday. And it just feels— different.

Call it cultural perceptions. Call it fear of man. Whatever it is, God is asking us for radical trust that this is His dream. New Wine Church is His idea.

We want to foster a place where the presence of God is the most important thing. We believe in a community that functioned like Paul’s gatherings. A place where deep hearted believers can come to celebrate God, to be fed, to grow in their gifting, and, a place where the unsaved are drawn into the family.

How?  The power and presence of God.

So what to expect. A community with opportunities to engage with each other. Worship times where we expect to encounter the Holy Spirit. And teaching that is fresh manna. But also not just from one voice but a collective expression.

Here is mine and Chuck’s heart. We know God is laying out a table of truth, grace, transformation, power. We are inviting anyone who as hungry as we are to join us for more.

Right now we meet at Bridgewater Place. But we are securely our own location.

10:00 -11:30 Worship, Teaching and Prayer