Feasting at His Table

People make me laugh. Heck, I make me laugh. Sometimes it is difficult to communicate and we get in such conundrums.  A couple of menfolk think the WGR November 1st fundraiser is just for women. It’s open to all. A couple of womenfolk think it is only a worship night.  We will worship and invest in God’s vision for WGR  too. And, just for the record, I get sick of fundraisers just like you do.

But in reality, “An Offering of Praise” is best described as pulling up a chair to the Lord’s table for a family meal and meeting.  We will eat together. Enjoy each other’s company. We will thank the Father for all he has done. Then, we will hear what’s on His heart and what He’s working on through Women Getting Real.

It really is a party. And you know, when Jesus and His believers get together in spirit and truth, it’s always a good time. So like you would for any good party, invite your friends, let people know you’re coming, and bring your hearts.

I sense He has a real smile on His face about what He is cooking up. This guy knows all about feasting, and He is inviting you to the table.

Click here to RSVP http://anofferingofpraise.eventbrite.com

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