Lord of the Thorns

Warrior Bride. I love this image. Last week I challenged you with what God was saying about preparation for battle, about our readiness to go. I told you about the vision of combat boots and stepping over thorns. Check out the blog, “Get Your Boots On.”

It was odd because as I wrote it, there was a whisper about the crown of thorns upon the brow of Jesus. But an interruption stole the thought.

Later in the day,  I talked to my friend about the blog and she casually mentioned, “Jesus is our combat boots. He wore the thorns so we wouldn’t have to.”

Externally, I said, “Yes, That is so good. Amen.” Internally, I recalled the whisper in my mind that had now been refreshed. We ended the call, but the Lord continued to stir that conversation.

He reminded me of a section out of Tim Keller’s new book, The King’s Cross.  I will let the author’s words do the talking regarding the comparison among the man and woman and Jesus.

God was saying, “Because you love me, don’t eat from the tree — just because I say so.  Just to be in relationship with me. Obey me about the tree, and you will live.”  And Adam didn’t. He and Eve failed their test; and the whole human race has been failing ever since. Satan never stops testing us. He says, “This idea of self-giving love, where you make yourself totally vulnerable and you orbit around other people — that’ll never work.”

We look at Adam and Eve and say, “What fools — why did they listen to Satan?”  Yet we know we still have Satan’s lie in our own hearts, because we’re afraid of trusting God — of trusting anybody, in fact.

But God didn’t leave us defenseless. God said to Jesus, “Obey me about the tree” — only this time the tree was a cross — “and You will die.”

And Jesus did. He has gone before you into the heart of a very real battle, to draw you into the ultimate reality of the dance. What he has enjoyed from all eternity, he has come to offer you.

When Jesus wore a crown of thorns, He was saying, “I am King of all that the enemy would use to hurt, humiliate, rip and strip from you. I am letting him take his best shot at Me.” And Jesus’ whisper, “It is finished,” is the battle cry of all time.  There is now nothing in the hands of our enemy that Jesus has not already conquered. He is the Lord of the thorns.

Glory be to the God of all Ages!!!

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