Glorious Riches and Great Power

Last night in WGR Class we talked about  the WHO of God and the WHY of God from Ephesians 2. (We are Going Somewhere this semester so I invite you listen or watch class to be able connect the dots.  The recording will be posted shortly.)  God has glorious riches and great power for “those who believe.” And what’s His purpose? That we might “know him better.”  This is God’s objective. He wants to show up and show off for you so that you will have confidence in WHO He is.

You will never believe this real life story I got this morning as Evidence of Believing. It is from Laura Jones in California.  Oh the adventure of God.

“So I just wanted to share Whitney’s story – one of the gals I asked you to pray for yesterday.
This woman left a mission she was on, gave up a serious relationship, and decided to follow the Lord’s call to Deeper School. She had all the money she needed for the full year’s schooling and a bit extra. Then God asked her to give it all away. And she DID.
Her gift kept a ministry from folding and left her with just enough for this month’s rent and her last two bills. Nothing at all for school. Just Jesus. And she came to California anyway, knowing that she would not be allowed to start classes without her payment. But God had told her to come.
Yesterday we went to register. Still no money. Yet she had total peace. She knew God had brought her here – even if it was just to be with the students in our house and spend time with Him – and she trusted Him to provide and make it clear if she was to be in school.  When she stepped up to the desk, she simply stated that she didn’t have the money. As expected, they kindly told her she had a few weeks and could still join the class later, but she had to have the money before she began.
Whitney was still fine. But I pressed her – “Did you tell them the story?? It may not change the outcome at all. You may still have to wait to start. But at least they will know how to pray WITH you. They’ll know you weren’t just blowing them off after they set boundaries.”
Whitney had to go to work, so I went back to tell her story. On the way, I met one of the other students and we stopped to pray in agreement that the Lord would give back to Whitney.  The staff were glad to hear what was going on and said they wanted to talk with her. They weren’t sure how it would work out, but we all wanted to pull Heaven’s resources down on her behalf and see her come!
We all prayed. Another student dreamed the Lord gave Whitney great wealth. And we waited.

Today, the school agreed to let her come to classes for a bit and see what the Lord brought in. Not half an hour later, someone donated $2000 towards her tuition! Enough for the first half of the payment plan and then some!  God is so, SO good! He is so faithful.”

Jesus you rock our world.  Lead us Spirit into “revelation and wisdom” that we might know You better.  Amen.

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