The Power of Praise

Supernatural.  This is the word of the year for me. Hopefully it will be the reality of the rest of my life, and your life because it is one of the many ways to describe the beautiful, awesome, mighty God who lives in us and with us. As I explore the “how” of the supernatural way of living, it always comes back to worship.

This is not  something you get, or work for. It is an overflow of being with the Supernatural One.

God is not a magic genie, or a slot machine, or a formula to ensure success. He is a person who is moved to love and compassion. Just as any lover reacts to being loved, He responds to us when we love on Him. Enter worship and praise.  I guess you could loosely say that worship is God’s “love language.”  Smile.

On our last beach date, the Lord put into place a vision so big, so crazy God-like, that I know only He could pull off. It is truly supernatural. And He also revealed that the journey will have to be saturated in our worship. Not duty, not human smarts or effort, not rabbit’s foot suspicion, but true hearts that are abandoned in worship of the One who brings all dreams to life.

I am asking you to join us November 1st for WGR’s first official celebration as a non-profit ministry. We’re calling it, “An Offering of Praise.” When the Lord brought the word “offerings” to mind, I spent time in the Bible looking at God’s people, old and new testament. Before and after great endeavors, people would bring praise and offerings as a visible way of acknowledging all the Lord has done and would do. It was a beautiful picture of how we bring something of ourselves, our thanks and our money, and present it to the Lord. Both are outward signs of our hearts being connected to Him. They don’t call it a “love offering” for nothing. Our shared loved of God, changes the world.

I can’t tell you how I am busting to share this vision of hope and radical impact in our world. I can’t tell you how much I want us to enter into this season of rejoicing over all He has done. I am so grateful that we can bring our riches, some spiritual, some material, to build the Kingdom together.

“Fund raising then is a very rich and beautiful activity.  It is an integral part of our ministry.  In fund raising we discover that we are all poor and that we are all rich, and in ministering to each other – each from the riches that he or she possesses – we work together to build the Kingdom.  The Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of the poor.

“How happy are the poor in spirit; theirs is the kingdom of heaven”. Henri Nouwen

Save the Date!
An Offering of Praise
November 1st, 6:30 to 8:15 p.m.
Abiding Glory Church
Midpark Drive, Knoxville, TN

2 thoughts on “The Power of Praise

  1. I’m excited! I would love to hear in-depth explanations of the types of efforts Women Getting Real will be helping to aid financially. I know that you, Jana, are very involved in making sure that you get the money into the hands of the people to be helped in the quickest way possible, rather than into the hands of a red-tape based funneling system, so that makes me feel good about putting money into WGR. I know that it is making it’s way to the people! However, I must admit, I don’t have a super clear understanding of everyone you are trying to help. Any way you might do some blog posts on the particular outreach you are doing this month, maybe in preparation for the big event? Thanks so much for anything you can do to help clarify what’s up, sister. :o)

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