Let’s Start a Revolution

If you haven’t read this book, you Must. It is called Half the Sky by Sheryl WuDunn and her husband Nicholas D. Kristof. (The local library has it.)

The Lord brought this VERY important piece to me as we were discussing His vision of what I am to be about, but also what Women Getting Real is to be about.  We must look out to others to find our own healing. We cannot tolerate the seduction of our culture (beauty, money, comfort, isolation) to woo us into complacency and dull self-focus. But instead, armed with the Love of Christ, and released as His Ezer women, we can join Him as He brings about transformation to forgotten and abandoned sisters worldwide.

After I read this book, I texted Chuck that God was blowing up my mind and spirit. And Chuck texted back: “Do what you do, be a slingshot and set the world on fire.” Shortly after this, my friend Laura, a fellow firebrand, sent me this photo.

I know it is blurry but study it. It is a butterfly with wings fully expanded. That means she has made it through the transformation: starving caterpillar, hiding in a cocoon, fighting  for her wings as she wrestles out of the cocoon…She is ready to fly! With hearts on her wings, compassion drives her to action; she takes a spark of hope and sets the world on fire.

Can I get a Woman Yell here??!!

Come Lord Jesus that You would lift our eyes to look directly into Yours. And we see ourselves perfectly transformed in Your eyes, not only us, but all of Your women. Wash us, inspire us, motivate us to live a life so big that it takes You to pull it off. Amen.

Want  more info:  http://www.halftheskymovement.org/

2 thoughts on “Let’s Start a Revolution

  1. “Motivate us to live a life so big that it takes You to pull it off.” The quote gives me goosebumps! :o) And you are sooo right when you say “we must look to others to find our own healing.” That’s what I’ve learned being in community with Women Getting Real. When I isolate, the enemies voice is much louder. When I participate–and get outside of myself/cocoon–I grow and heal.

  2. We need a warrior CRY or some sort of cheer!!! 🙂 Love this and love the possibilities when HE is in control. YAAAAAHOOOOO! (Sorry, its all I got in text format)

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