Don’t Scramble. Follow.

Don’t scramble. Follow.

Simple words. Big, hairy, audacious way to live. Scrambling and striving is innate, ingrained. Expected and applauded. By the world, that is.

Following is scary, unsure, uncertain and certainly out of your control. But whose life is it anyway?

Weren’t we crucified with Christ? And now, we don’t live anymore? Our demands for control got nailed to the tree. Right?

Want to know if you are simply doing life the Jesus way when He said, “Follow Me” ?

Pay attention to your fear, anger, and need to know the outcomes. They are dead give-aways that you really, really, really think you are in charge.

Not only did Jesus say He would never leave you, He also said you couldn’t add one hour to your life or an inch to your height by worrying. He implied, why fret when when you can trust?

Fretting comes from fear of being alone and on your own. Trusting comes when you know you are in His hands. And it is the only and best place to be.

“Let not your heart be troubled. Trust in God. Trust also in Me” John 14:1

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