Do You Get Tired of Hearing “I Love You” ?

I now have a God Box. I had to. My dresser and my desk were covered with all these sweet notes, kisses, hearts or butterflies from the Lord. As I was lovingly putting them in the box, I thought about how I have a box for my kids, and a box for Chuck.  Little remembrances of moments, notes, emotions, memories of our lives together.

And now a God box.  At first I felt foolish. Or insane.

But then I went to the mountains with Chuck.
In our favorite jeep with the top down.
On our favorite kind of day, crisp and cool.
With our favorite music playing loud.
Holding hands and breathing deep.

We were aware, invested, immersed in being together. Nothing foolish. Nothing insane. But instead it was the most normal, delightful thing in the world.

Then we went to our favorite spot in the mountains. But actually it was Our spot before it was our spot. I had been running away to that spot to cry or dream or vent long before Chuck came into the picture. When I got there, it was just as as sentimental with Him as it had been with him. Butterflies were everywhere. The sand was warm, the water loud and laughing. The trees nodding and bending in the almost-autumn breeze. I gasped in surprise when a cool gust of wind swept across my skin as walked in the chilled water. And there it was…

A little pink heart lying on the river’s bed.

No doubt discarded by a visitor tubing down the river. But there. Not carried away. But there. On that day. At that place. For me.

I picked it up and laughed out loud. My voice and tears burst out, “I love You too!”

What else could I say?

No, I will never get tired of His love notes. Because I can never get enough of His love.

Lord, you delight in us. In me. You are ever, ever trying to tell us how much You love us. Give us eyes to see, and ears to hear. And boxes. We all need God boxes so we won’t forget. Oh yes, and Lord…We love You back. Amen

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