God Stories from Beth

So love sharing the way God is holding Beth close to Him. This was from a recent email she sent. Enjoy!

It is Sunday (Aug 29) so I’ve been here a little over a week and it has been the hardest day so far without question.  I’m just really missing people and realizing that this could be harder and longer than I thought even though I’ve known it wasn’t going to be easy.  I went outside behind the cottage to sit at the picnic table facing the river and turned on some music planning to write emails.

Instead I ended up just listening and letting the songs wash over me for about an hour.  I was playing a list of songs God had brought up throughout the time leading up to the first trip and as well as this one.  Each one had something I needed to hear or be reminded of.

The first one was “Our Hope Endures” which just helped change my perspective.  Nothing has really changed…the reasons I came are still the same and everything I heard from the Lord to bring me here is still true.  The next song was “Don’t Get Comfortable” by Brandon Heath.  The chorus says, “I am gonna show you what I mean.  I am gonna love like you’ve never seen.  You are gonna live like you used to dream.  This is your new song.”

I’ve also been frustrated because I feel like I’m not doing anything or getting anywhere.  I know that it will take time but you would think that I’d never even met the Croudaces before with how reserved I’ve been and still am even after a week.  I was thinking about this and had stopped listening to the songs.  The Lord brought my attention back in the middle of “Wait and See” also by Brandon Heath…”Still wondering why I’m here.  Still wrestling with my fear, but oh, He’s up to something.  And the farther on I go I’ve seen enough to know that I’m not here for nothing.  He’s up to something. He’s not finished with me yet.”

Each song was so on target.  “By Your Side” Tenth Ave. North and “Let the Waters Rise” Mikeschair…”God you know where I’ve been you were there with me then.  You were faithful before you’ll be faithful again.”  Then hearing God say the next line:  “I’m holding your hand.”

At one point I heard something rustling in the leaves and looked over.  It was a bird but what caught my attention was the fact that it was at the base of one of those trees that the bark peels off.  I hadn’t seen or at least noticed any of these trees til just then.  Not much of the bark is off at this point but it has started.  The Lord was saying, “You’re going to get there. Don’t get discouraged with slow beginnings.  It is coming off.”  It will be interesting to watch the tree as it progresses.  I’m sure the Lord will have more to say to me about it.

Lord, thank You that You see and hear. Thank You that You are ever interceding for us. Bless You, Lord. Amen.

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