Why Happy Marriages Matter

People ask us why we do marriage retreats. They can be tense, awkward, revealing, and sometimes even scary.  But those aren’t the moments we focus on. We live for the  “ah-ha” moments when couples look at each other with fresh eyes, with God’s eyes, and remember why they want to try again. And again.

We do marriage retreats because people poured into us. We wouldn’t still be married, and happily married, (not perfect at it, but happy in the doing) if it weren’t for the older couples who kept holding out hope for us.

Marriage is one of God’s great character refiners. Therefore we need a bag of real tools and a huge dose of perspective to keep digging it out year after year. We need the hope of heaven to learn how to love.

Chuck and I believe that if you are going to stay together, you might as well be happy together. Thriving instead of surviving. We know folks who stay together “for the kids.” But  they might be missing the mark. The kids just  learn what it means to grow up in an isolated, unloving environment. So if you are going to stay married, then shoot for the moon.  Learn how to live in peace, enjoyment, and intimate friendship.

The “I Do. Still” Marriage Retreat is designed for newlyweds and oldyweds. It is for couples who need a break from the mad pace of life, who need a deep breath of the Spirit’s power, and who need some laughter and wisdom.

We are walking evidence that God can build, and rebuild, a marriage that is worth staying in. Join us.

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