Okay, Enough Already!

Do you ever just get knocked down by the world and its ridiculous attacks? Are you ever just shocked at how big  and how deep the Lie goes about the Value of a Woman?

I don’t know whether to cry, scream or throw up. When the first offer and photo came through my email, I tried to stuff the outrage down.  And now the email offer has resurfaced. But instead of it being a onesy thing now it is a GROUP thing. Classes of women groping and balancing. What am I so pissed about?

Pole dancing classes. Are you kidding me???  Do we not have enough porn shoved down our throats without trying to mimic the deception even more? Are you not already tired enough of trying to keep up with the world’s faulty concept of beauty?  The dieting, the surgery, the self-loathing? The comparison, the envy, the jealousy that leads to even more harmful acting out?

Really women? Really? Is this our sum total?

Does this woman’s posture do anything but reduce us to body parts for consumption? Ask most men to look at this photo, or better have him recall a time on film or DVD when he watched pole dancing,  and see if women grinding to poles makes him rise to anything remotely holy….
I am all about a woman being and feeling healthy and assured of her own worth. I am all about the “wow” factor of the female race. I am all about blow-the-house-down great sex. But I am also 100% convinced that women who try to imitate porn stars (women and men who are in need themselves of rescuing) look to the wrong source for inspiration and definition.  The women I talk to don’t need help being “sexed”. We need help being loved and cherished and adored for who we are, not just for the way we contort our frames around steel.
Is anybody hearing me? Did anyone even flinch when this offer came through?
We were watching a harmless movie with Salem and they snuck in a 30-second clip of pole dancing and men gawking. Her natural disgust and shock was immediate. “What is that?” she asked incredulous.  “Men and women wasting their strength and beauty on empty sex.” I said.   “Gross.” said the 13-yr-old.

Yep. It’s gross.

Women, what we need is how to tap into the real beauty, the passion, the fire that God has for us. In this place of true intimacy, we don’t feel like objects. We feel valued and enjoyed by our Maker. Then we can move to share that with our husbands. But we don’t create intimacy by imitating prostitutes.
“The man and woman were both naked and they felt no shame.”

2 thoughts on “Okay, Enough Already!

  1. GET IT SISTER!!!! Not sure if you know but they had individuals competing on “America’s Got Talent” as pole dancers and they were claiming it as art. I was on the verge of throwing up myself. Really, ART?!?!? The human body might be art but the place where this activity was born from is far from art. Amazed at how many people around me bought into this lie. Amazed at how many of my friends are believing that taking a class like this just spices up the bedroom life. Amazed at how many of my sisters are still falling to the lie that they just don’t have it or gotta do something different to keep the attention. I’m linking arms with you on this one. Thanks for speaking out.

  2. “Come, let us return to the Lord. He has torn us to pieces but he will heal us; he has injured us but he will bind up our wounds.” Hosea 6:1 Lord thank you for mercy, grace and the Spirit of TRUTH. Thank you for discernment to hear your voice above all the noise. Thank you LORD for daily teaching us that our identity is in YOU ALONE. Lord soften our hearts so that we will return to you like a wife returning to her husband. Lord may we be “dressed” up in you and your word dwell in us richly so that we will always be ready to give an account for our hope, joy and confidence. It is You LORD we adore!

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