Deep Breath. And Believe.

This is too rich to not share. Charis was playing with 5-yr-old Laila. The younger was teaching the elder gymnastic tumbles. And after Charis’ first or second Unsuccessful Attempt, Laila asked emphatically, “Did you take a deep breath? Did you believe?”

It seems the first basic step before feet are lifted off the floor is: Deep breath. Believe you can do it.

Are you getting this as much as I am? I am believing God for big things. So are many of my friends. God has given us a YES but we still have to walk it out. We still have to run across the mat and Jump. And when we fall over in an awkward mess this is a great reminder. Take a deep breath. Breath Him in deep down. And Believe you can do it. He can do it. He can do it through you.

And keep on doing it.

The funny thing is, Charis has not said one word about quitting. She sees the goal. And she knows, with enough practice, and coaching, and breaths and belief, she can do it.

Do you?

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