Worth Talking About

Just to keep us connected, smile, I wanted you to know a few important things.

1) Today is Beth’s birthday. So please FB her or email her or pray a blessing over her as she is in Zimbabwe on her special day.

2) “Blended Families Conference” (www.cspc.net) is a phenomenal way to help heal the transition of two families becoming one. Don’t miss this!

3) Our classes are live each Tuesday night and we also offer daily texting. (To sign up, contact Laura Jones.) You can share/download audio files for free (for now!) and access past classes if you missed one.

I know, I know, most impressive. I promise you, it is my team that works the magic.

Okay have  a great day.  I have a “date” today with guess Who. So no time to write right now. Blessings.


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