Got Spurs?

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Hebrews 10:24
I love it when the Lord puts pieces together. I love it when He calls me, you, us, out of our complacency.  Look at what “spur” means:

  • incite or stimulate
  • goad: a verbalization that encourages you to attempt something
  • give heart or courage to
  • any sharply pointed projection
  • strike with a spur
  • goad with spurs; “the rider spurred his horse”
  • a sharp prod fixed to a rider’s heel and used to urge a horse onward

I was really hitting a wall last week. I kept saying I needed to hear from Him. And honestly, in retrospect, I am not sure I did.  I wanted to be coddled, and excused, and taken off the hook.  I wanted to sit and Do Nothing. I must have sounded to God like my kids do to me: “Do I HAVE to do this? This is SO hard.”

In true God fashion, with love and compassion, and a firm hand, He reminded me, “Yes, you do.” God used His Holy Spurs and goaded me on. He didn’t pat me and ignore the situation. He prodded with a Sharp object (ouch) and goaded me into the direction I was supposed to be going.

He did it like this. He showed His ability to change the circumstances in a moment. I had doubted his ability to provide. Again.
He reminded me of our long-term vision. I had forgotten.
He stressed the short window of time. I was procrastinating.
He told me He loved me. Again.

We dare not waste our lives. May God continue to spur us on and we in turn spur one another on toward His love and good deeds.

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