Rivers of Living Water

Many of you have asked about Beth’s return trip to Zimbabwe.  When is she leaving? Does she need help?  So I asked her give us some views from her heart and specific needs. Just as you prayed and invested before, please do so again as we witness God’s continued heart for His people. Blessings, Jana

“I started out in Zimbabwe trying to figure out what I was supposed to be getting out of the three weeks.  What I realized by the time we left was that it wasn’t about what would happen during those three weeks; it was about what would continue after.  The biggest thing God revealed to me there is that I still don’t see or know myself as He sees and knows me.  I’ve had a lot of growth in these areas especially in the last three years, but there is more.

In Zimbabwe I was looking at the huge dam that holds back the water, which is what made the gorgeous lake where we had spent the previous few days on a houseboat.  As I stood watching the water pour out I clearly heard the Lord speaking to me.

The water in the lake, while beautiful and containing lots of life, is just sitting there, unchanging aside from occasional fluctuations in level.  But when it is released from the dam it pours out with astounding power creating a moving river and becoming a life of its own.  I don’t know about you but I hate swimming in lakes because when water is still it gets murky and gross, growing all kinds of vegetation with who knows what hiding in it.  I will take a moving river over a stagnant lake any day.  This is what the Lord is calling me to in going back to Zimbabwe.  I’ve been poured into and experienced a lot of healing and freedom in the last three years sitting under Jana’s teaching, but there is a lot in me being held back.  Now God is inviting me out of my familiar environment where I’ve learned how and where to hide.  He’s taking me to a new place where He wants to begin releasing the water and revealing the true life that He has created in me which includes strengths and abilities I’m not aware of yet.  It is an adventure I am excited to take with Him.

While I really don’t have a clue what He has in store for me there, the plan for now is that I will leave August 19 to stay for six months with Alistair and Shelley Croudace who own Lasting Impressions youth camp near Kadoma.  I will be working at the camp as well as helping Shelley home school their three kids and teaching some in her women’s group.

I still have to trust the Lord to come through in a lot of areas.  Here are some things you could be praying for with me.

  • Loneliness since staying connected to people here will be difficult
  • Willingness and courage to step out into the unfamiliar as the Lord leads
  • Health and safety both traveling and while there
  • Finances (Beth needs to pray in $2000 either before she leaves, or on a monthly committed basis)
  • Visa renewals.  I can only get 30 days at a time and will have to apply for a renewal every 30 days.
  • Smooth travel as I will be by myself this time.”

Lord, we thank You for doing far more than we can ask or imagine. We thank You that we are seeing with our own eyes,  “there’s a bigger picture (we) can’t see.” We say yes and amen to these prayer requests and thank You for Your grace and provision. May You continue to bring glory to Your name through Beth and Your work in Zimbabwe.  In the power of Jesus’ name, Amen.

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