The Pearl of Great Price

In the WGR class, I taught that we (yes, you and I) are the pearl of great price (Matthew 13-44). Needless to say, there were ricochets of emotions as we discussed our own Disbelief that we hold that kind of value to God. Is it really possible that we are items of luxury, purity, and extravagance – all that pearls represent?

Here, the morning after, I find even more brilliance in God’s analogy. I gave every woman a real pearl last night. But what they did not know is I went to the store, looked at strands of beautiful pearls, ran them through my fingers. There were bowls of individual pearls and I dug my fingers through them, touching them, examining them. All of them beautiful. All of them made from the same arduous effort of strain, pressure and time. Then I chose out of the many the ones that would become my own.

So a woman speaks up and says, “If there are 7 billion people in the world, how can one, namely me, have any value? If there is a whole bowl of pearls, how would one pearl gain any notice?” Perhaps here is an answer.

In the store, for a brief moment, I sensed God’s tender perspective about you and me. Just because there were many pearls, didn’t mean I couldn’t see them. I touched them, observed them, noticed their size, shape and color. Even when they were separated into like groups, I still loving touched them individually. I appreciated the value of each one. Each one had complete worth to me. They were still pearls. I still respected the quality of what they were made of, what they Were. Pearls.

Our God is big. He does not live in same dimension that we do. He readily sees us all. Yet he has the desire and effort to lovingly see, appreciate, and enjoy (!), what he has made individually.

You are an expression of luxury, purity, extravagance. And he has chosen you as his own.

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