A Deep Sorrow and Postponed Fundraiser

Dear Friends of Greater Things,
My beautiful mother had a stroke two weeks ago, and we have moved her home into hospice care. We are faithfully tending to her as we pray her into her true and final heavenly home. You can imagine my family’s deep heartbreak and all-consuming focus.
Because of this tragedy, the Greater Things team decided to postpone the Bonfire Fundraiser scheduled for Sunday, October 25.
Honestly, I am grateful for my team’s tender care.
I was trying “muscle through” for the sake of the ministry. They wisely reminded me that part of the culture of Greater Things is to walk together in authentic community. There is nothing to prove or need to perform.  This has given freedom for my heart and attention to be with my mother in her last days and not on vision casting.
Those dreams, visions, and celebrations will happen in the near future, so stay tuned. But for the next coming days, pray for my family, and for all the families around us, who have suffered profound loss.
Please do pray for Greater Things. Thank God with us for all He has done in 2020, and will do in 2021. Of course we welcome you to partner with us even without a fun night together. You can do that at greater-things.org
Let me leave you with a profound insight from this recent journey with my mother.
Use your words. Bless people close to you. Tell them thank you. Tell them you love them. Forgive them. Apologize. Share that thing that make them a delight to be around. Honor, defend, prophesy, and lavish. Use your words.
The stroke took my mother’s words. Her silence is deafening. I am so thankful for every I Love You and every Thank You we have spoken in recent years.  I miss the sound of her voice. So I want to use mine while I can.
I encourage you to do the same.
Held by His grace,
Those who look to the Lord are radiant.
Their faces are never covered in shame.
Psalm 34:5

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