Fix it or Heal it?

I had this crazy encounter with God last week. The details don’t matter except to say that I was at my wits end. I had planted myself on my couch in desperation. I read my bible, I worshiped. I sat there crying, and crying out to the Lord, that I didn’t know what to do. I was hurting, and I needed to hear from Him. My heart was breaking and I knew I needed His comfort and  His wisdom.

“How do I fix this?” I feebly said.

First came a wave of comfort like a blanket around my shoulders. Then came a wave of peace settling my mind and spirit.  Then ever so gently came His reply.

“You’re trying to fix something. I am trying to heal something,” He said.


I sat there soaking in this truth, in His presence.  The tears stopped. My spirit quickened in faith. Yes, God does change things. I asked Him if there was anything He wanted me to do. He gave me three things.

  • Believe Him for a better outcome.
  • Humble myself.
  • Write a letter declaring these two things.

A week later, the rest of the story is nothing short of miraculous. At first I missed the change, the breakthrough in the very area I had prayed for. Then I was suspicious of the change, as if I was being manipulated or foolish.  It wasn’t until I retold the story of the God encounter that the Spirit connected the dots of what He had been doing.

“You’re trying to fix something. I am trying to heal something.”

Of course. Of course! He is healing something! Day after day, there is evidence of God’s hand knitting, repairing, removing, renewing, rewiring all that is broken and wounded. He was doing a lasting work, not a quick fix.

Thank you Father, Son and Spirit for your ever present help in time of need. Thank you that you desire truth in the innermost parts. Thank you for healing and restoring our souls. Time after time after time, Your unfailing love rocks our world.



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