The Launching…when God shows up

There are just these moments when other people’s stories collide with my own.  And when they do, it gets so crazy “coincidence” that you know in your Knower that God is up to something big.

I have had this ember burning in my soul for months now. It has been a mystery, a wonder, a prayer. And I have hardly been able to even speak it out and  be coherent. But every time I tried to release in the physical what is happening in the spiritual, the ember would flare up into golden flame.

And then I would hear comments about hunger, and restlessness, and even eagerness.  “I am never going back,” is a phrase I have heard not once but three times from women who have gone beyond the bible study, the church going, who have gone into the deep places of God. My heart beats with theirs. So much so, that I feel like now there is a rolling fire in my soul.   We can’t go back to okay, God is wanting to more for us.

And thus. “The Launching.”

red Launch

God is gathering women who are hungry,  even desperate for more of Him.  There is a rising ache and groan among women who have really tasted the beauty and closeness of Jesus. And we want more. But how?

So this event is to help women soak in His presence. Really. To impart revelations that we need to stay centered in the middle of our lives.

Rest. Dependence — which produces peace and confidence. And so much more.

But this event  isn’t just for us.  This event is about bringing all of us together who have a heart to empower other women. We want to experience God  in such a way that we might attract more women who are desperate for God but don’t know how to get there.

“The Launching.” is a unique gathering  for women in Knoxville. All denominations. All ages. Churched or unchurched.

If you want more of Jesus, He is going to be there. He told me so.

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One thought on “The Launching…when God shows up

  1. I just wanted to give a personal testimony about Jana. I became a Christian as a young child. I attended church/Sunday School, worked with Young Life and BSF .I continued to grow in my faith.
    However,It wasn’t until I met Jana that I realized that God wanted to speak to me in a more personal way. I believed that God spoke to some people in a special way, I just didn’t expect Him to speak to me in that way. Jana’s sotry encouraged me to ask and seek and make time to listen to what God had to say to me.
    I am not a great writer, but I know that my realationship with God is better and stronger because of Jana’s openness and willingness to share her life.

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