“Slowly and Majestically.”

It’s about to get real up in here.  I read a blog post by  Anne Lamott  and I can’t quite get it out of my head. You can read it for yourself. But the phrase, “Slowly and Majestically” keeps welling up in my heart.

So much so I wrote it on my kitchen window.












I did this as an offensive measure after this happened. Day two of Christmas break with bored siblings. Yes that is icing.


And this. The results of seven more pecan pies, strawberry cupcakes, sugar cookies… and a partridge in a pear tree.

IMG_4202I wrote this in a visible place because this phrase caused me to laugh and enjoy rather than whine or rant. The notion of living differently this Christmas season has inspired me. I get to choose to live “on purpose”  in joy. I get to choose to live with the intention of loving my life rather than enduring it, or worse, wishing it away . . . “if I can just make through New Year’s.”

What kind of pace of life are we settling for when we  try to fast-forward today to get to the Next Thing? We miss all the richness of the “Right Now’s.”

By accident, I  added a new movie to my Christmas tradition. It’s called  “About Time.” It’s not for small children due to language and sexual moments. But it is startlingly innocent and emotionally wrenching  as it challenges us to grasp life for all its day-to-day nonsense, noise, and well . . .human-ness.

It has revived this noble theme of heaven: you only live once. It’s not just  for t-shirts but for our souls.  Enjoy it.

I recall someone else who had this on His mind.  The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. 

Some how, some way, beyond my understanding,  the God of Creation so loved our nonsense, noise, and human-ness that He moved into our neighborhood. Permanently.

Jesus mastered  “slowly and majestically.”  His God-ness wrapped in human-ness has given us all a new way to view the world, to enjoy our days, to hope again. And again.

May we breathe in the chaos through the filter of heaven, May we never lose the wonder. May the King of kings rest in our heart of hearts. Merry Christmas.



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