WGR Annual Marriage Retreat

“Let’s Grow. Up.”

New and Improved
for 2013

We know that “new and improved” sounds so cliche’.  But. This year’s True Intimacy Marriage Retreat really is…

New!  Our topic of “Lets grow. Up.” is all new teaching and training to help you and your mate grow in love with God and each other, but also to mature past some of the distractions that sap your energy and relationship. Jana and Chuck Spicka will offer a fresh, Biblical perspective of how to live in peace and hope together. There will be hands on activities for fun and insight, alone time, and couple time. Our heart is that you would grow together in God.

Improved!  We are THRILLED about our new location of Riverstone Resort. Still easy to get to via Veteran’s Parkway in Sevierville, each beautiful and private suite has a fireplace, private balcony, soaking tub, and full kitchenette.

So think Christmas present. Think early Valentine’s Day. Think investment in your most important relationships. Register here.

Cost is only $450 per couple for teaching, materials, 1 bedroom condo accomodations and four delicious meals.

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