Perfect…Not Yet

These are the words the Lord whispered in my ear one day during worship.  Perfect…Not Yet.

“I know that because of Jesus you see me as perfect. But the ‘not yet’ part is hard to live through sometimes. Lord, how do I live in the gap of those three little dots? the space between Perfect and Not Yet?” I asked.

His answer was astounding.

“The one constant is My overwhelming love and presence.  Every circumstance is an opportunity for you to see if I can take it.”

He didn’t say, see if Jana  can take it. He said see if He can take it. Can God be God in my circumstances? Is He big enough, does He love enough, can He pull it  off?

God wants you and I to see that He not only has the beauty and power to make us Perfect, but He has the love and stamina to walk out the Not Yet. He is the one constant that changes every factor of life.


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