Can I Get an A-Men??

Let me just praise the name of Jesus.  Yesterday I found out that one location for the WGR class was a “no.”  So I just thanked the Lord for answering the question and told Him I would wait on where we were to be. I made one call and spent the rest of the time praying and asking others to pray too.

Today on my calendar is the name of God: Jehovah Jireh, The Lord Will Provide.

Inspired by the name,  I spent the morning reading about the story of faith between Abraham and God. Could Abraham trust God? Could God trust Abraham?  I lifted up a prayer that I would be as steadfast in my faith as Abraham, holding nothing back from the Lord. Later in the day, I got a return call and our new location is set up, like a breeze.  No problem, no issue.

But right after the “Yes” came through, so did the financial numbers. And just as the praise  left my tongue, the questions started rolling out…how are we going do that? No, how are You gonna do that?

I go to church tonight and what is first song?  “Oh, I run into your arms, the riches of your love will always be enough…”

Oh the tenderness, the depth, the wisdom, the faithfulness of God. I don’t have to have a how. I have a Who!!

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