Pot Full of Promises

It was a really stunning moment. I was considering lots of decisions that needed to be made. I felt like my back was against the wall and I had to choose: would I react out of fear or faith? Fear would have me grasp at straws, trying to cover my bases. Faith would have me walk in boldness, simply trusting God to provide.

My answer came through a three-way conversation.

Charis asked me, “Is there really a pot at the end of the rainbow?”

“Nope,” I said.

“Why do people say that, then?” Charis questioned.

Instead of focusing on the legend, I had her retell the story of the first rainbow. We talked about Noah and the rain and the bow in the  sky.

“Why did God give Noah the rainbow?” I asked her. 

“Because it showed God’s promise that He would never flood the whole earth again. The rainbow is a sign of promise. So why would people look for gold?” Charis asked.

And my mouth said out loud what only God could have spoken: “Because people would rather have a pot of gold than God’s promises.”

Did you hear that? the Spirit prodded.

“Yes, Lord. I do that. I want a pot of gold instead of Your promises. Forgive me. Instead I choose Your love, Your promises. I choose You.”

What are you working for? Believing in? Depending on?

2 thoughts on “Pot Full of Promises

  1. Thank you! That was a Spirit prompted response! So So True!
    So many times I have chosen the pot of gold instead of Gods precious promises!
    I pray those times become less and less frequent, and that I repent with more rapidity each time!

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