Hidden But Present Majesty

It was one of those breath-taking moments when you are doing life and suddenly you see a bigger picture. I was driving down the highway and there are lots of  hills on this route. Two of these hills rise up high enough that you can look out over the valley, and depending on the weather, you can see the Smoky Mountains.  I drive this route at least once a day.

But on this particular day I was out earlier than usual and the sun was rising, burning off the fog and smoke of the morning. When I reached the peak in the road, the rays stretched across the sky and you could see the full mountain range. Even Mount Le Conte was clearly visible.

It was a wonder to see this burning ball of light exploding its glory rays and revealing this majestic line of mountains robed in a purple hues.

I took my foot of the gas just to absorb the moment. My spirit was soaring at the visual representation of God.

Those mountains are always there. Whether I see them every day or not, they are still there. Still majestic, still beautiful, still awe-inspiring.  Just like God the Father.

And the sun rises every day. Whether I see it or not, it brings light to the world, and when it is lifted up, it reveals the mountains. Just like when Jesus is lifted up He reveals the Father.

We need more awe moments. We need to see that the Father is ever present, strong and relentless. And to see that Jesus rises new in our hearts every morning with one purpose, to glorify and reveal the Father.

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