Labor Pains

It is always good to throw yourself out there. Risk is good for the Christian because it forces us off the ledge and into the arms of God.

So with that preface, here is me running off the cliff.  Our new Devotional Book is to be delivered Dec 12th! And our new worship CD will be released in February 2011.

There is still much to do, much to pray through and much to watch God do. But I am eager to see where all this lands.

Please be in prayer for all the hands that are working in this delivery process.  I told Laura last night as we looked at each other, tired and bewildered, that labor is always hardest right before the baby comes.

So pray for us band of midwives as we seek to deliver these messages of God’s power and beauty.

One thought on “Labor Pains

  1. Congratulations on the book, Jana. I’m looking forward to reading it. I love your comment about labor pains being hardest just before the baby comes. That has been true with almost every book I’ve ever worked on, yet it continued (until now) to puzzle me, because I’d been working so hard on the project all along — why all the flurry of activity here at the end? Now it makes sense. Let us all go for the cliffs.

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