Worse Than Naval Lint

“I really hate that my camera doesn’t take better pictures,” Chuck said of his phone. And I retorted, “Well it is a cell phone.”

And so it went for months. Fuzzy, blurry pictures, and missed moments due to lack of a good camera. But then Chuck got a wild hair to clean the lens. Have you seen the lens on a cell phone? You have to get cotton swab and really dig it down into the little lens to clean it.

And Voilá!  Bright clean photos. Even on a cell phone!

So when my photos started blurring on my phone camera, I didn’t hesitate to grab a swab.

You know navel lint doesn’t hinder you at all. But lint on your lenses affects the way you see life. It becomes dull, blurred and not really worth even seeing or trying to enjoy.

Ask the Lord to clean your lenses. Ask Him to remove the fuzz and buildup so you can see what He sees.

There are a lot of colors and lots of beauty in this God bathed world of ours. Enjoy it. He sure does. And He wants to share it with you.

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