Who’s Your Favorite?

Early in the morning, during our family snuggles, Charis laid her head on my shoulder and asked, “Am I your favorite child?”

Just then the dogs came in and snuggle time turned into furry chaos but her question has echoed in my heart. I will be sure to answer her question after school, but it has raised some irritating thoughts. As a parent you have to carefully respond to such questions, so I would say, “Well, yes, you are my favorite. And so is your sister.”

But the question has also echoed in my spirit. As a child of God, I want to ask Him the same thing. I don’t doubt that His answer is “Yes, you are My favorite…” But He will also no doubt say, “but so are the other millions of kids I have.”

For me, that is kind of a downer. How about you?

If we are all favorites, all special, all chosen, then are any of us really valued?

Here is the ah-ha. I love each of my daughters 100%. I love them more deeply and intimately that I love— say, your daughters. I love my girls because they are mine. They come from me, they are a part of and reflection of me. I love them in completely different ways and for very different reasons because they are so opposite of each other. But I still love them 100%. Enough to die for them in fact.

In a very finite way, this is a shadow or dim picture of the lavish, outrageous, ever-flowing, abundant love of God who is Father, Son and Spirit. They don’t run out of love. They don’t have to ration their love between their children. They see us and know our unique, funny, quirky, beautiful selves. And They love just that about each one of us, because no one knows you like your Mama does, or your Daddy does. This Holy Family is 100% crazy about you.

Today, dwell on the fact that you are the “Favorite Child.” See if just that one fact doesn’t silence some of the striving, depression, and restlessness you battle.

2 thoughts on “Who’s Your Favorite?

  1. I remember reading about John and Charles Wesley’s mother who was asked the question of her 9 surviving children and she answered ‘Yes I do have a favourite,the one who is sick until they are well, and the one who is far away until they come home’.

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