The Missing Moral Compass

The “sources” keep making this a gay thing. But I’m not sure it is.

USA Today, Ellen and other mainline media are recounting the story of a college freshman whose roommate secretly filmed his sex with a man and then posted it onYoutube. Once the freshman realized his conduct had been captured and released online, he committed suicide.  However, the tragic death of the Rutgers student is less about gay rights and more about our moral decay as a country.

You see we’ve told successive generations that porn is okay, that life is best seen via inernet, that private actions overrule public impact, that life has no intrinsic value. Then we call foul play when it is politically advantageous. Really?  How do we issue a rally cry for goodness and decency when we have no true compass for either?  Why do the promoters of the homosexual agenda get to corner the market on love, acceptance, or even dismay at human cruelty?  Does shame really have sexual preferences? Or is it, biblically, the result of sinful choices?

If it had been a girl/guy being video taped, we would have called it entertainment or porn. 
If she had killed herself we would be talking about about the exploitation of the internet for sure, but would Hollywood hawkers rally all manner of comments about the abuse of women? I doubt it.

And one very, very sticky point is: two wrongs don’t make a right.

What those students did was wrong .
But that young man chose to kill himself. He chose it. No one threw him. He jumped.

Do you see how we are trying to untangle this web of who is right and who is wrong and it’s all knotted up? Homosexuality is wrong. Heterosexuality outside of marriage is wrong. They both bear hurtful consequences. Invasion of privacy is wrong. And yet when we do in private what is wrong, unhealthy, even evil, it greatly affects our condition as a whole group of people.  Pornography is wrong. The conscience of this generation is seared when it comes to the degradation and perverted nature of pornography. Taking a life is wrong. Whether I take your life or my life, it’s just wrong.

We are each a part of a bigger whole that God sees.  He sees us all and loves us all completely. But that doesn’t mean He calls wrong things right. Be careful how you sort and sift the word storm of the day.  Talk show hosts and news casters are not necessarily using the Bible as the compass. Be sure that Jesus is.

We want to walk as He walks, in grace and truth. So bring this from “out there” to “right here.”  How are you dissecting the doctrine that is being shoved down our throats?  In your own life, is your compass aligned with God’s?  Do you call evil good?  Do you embrace, excuse  or ignore those things that God hates and warns us about? 

This needless death is not about homosexual rights. It is about our desperate, desperate need for a Savior and His ever calling voice of mercy.  Listen to Him.

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