He Loves to Talk

I got to run away to the beach for a day and a half. Yes, it was worth it the drive time because that provided great talk time in the car with Chuck.  No, we didn’t take the kids, thus the talk time. Smile.

I went there to hear from God, to catch my breath. I went there to recharge and to get a fresh deposit. I needed my Spirit tank refilled. And boy did He ever fill my tank.  On top of my own, I have three powerhouse God stories that I got today from others. The bottom line for their stories and mine? We love the God who speaks and He lives. He speaks anywhere,  all the time, in the craziest of ways.

Here are the billboards that God drew my attention to on the way to and from the beach. Little did I know that with the first “that’s odd” sign I saw that He was continuing  a conversation. He was pleased to answer my prayers about “Lord, how do I trust You more?”

His instruction to me:

Rest and Relax

What He said about Himself:

Tree of Life
Strong, Stable, Proven
Inspire to love is what I do
(Red) Cross equals Hope
Makes for a new way of thinking
How Beautiful!

What He said about me:

Got Faith?  (With a picture of water turned to wine)
Be passionate.
Keeping kids on course.
Be Great.

This did something deep in my spirit. He is all these things and more. And He calls me all these things and more in Christ. And to top it off…there was a heart in the center of my slice of onion at our last restarant. How is that for a punch line!  He’s crazy about us. Look for Him. Ask Him. Listen for Him. Believe that Small Still Voice when it says to  “Look here.”  Tomorrow I will tell about the God stories I got today!!

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