Discipline Equals Love

If you had a tough or misguided childhood, then you no doubt have a tough or misguided notion about God and His Discipline.

In fact for many, punishment and discipline seem the same. But this is a gross misunderstanding. Punishment is payment for crimes. But discipline, in its truest form, is the actions and training that enable the very best to be revealed.

You have already witnessed this in the natural.

We watch the Olympics, or World Cup, or listen to symphonies, and we marvel at the fruit of such discipline. The hours of strain and purposeful training crescendo into a beautiful expression of precision and refined vision. It is a revelation of skill or talent that has been “disciplined” to the degree of awe and honor.

Now put that into the spiritual realm.  No one sees the beauty within us like God does. And no one is more committed to our “revelation” than He is. So He will purposefully train and strain us so that our skills, talents, lives, and hearts are a beautiful expression of Him. He has no greater goal.

My friend Kristen loves to say, “He can only give you love.” And discipline, causing your best to be revealed, is part of His loving nature.  He can only give us love.  Discipline is a part of that affection.

Let yourself be trained by the Master. We need your masterpiece to be revealed.

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