Criticism and Praise

I heard a story a long time ago about a train conductor who would walk up and down the train punching people’s tickets.  He came upon one grouchy lady who complained and ranted and loudly criticized his every move.  As he punched her ticket, he raised his eyes and said, “You hear that, Lord?” And he moved on.

The people in the that box were astounded by his gracious response. So a man several rows back praised him on how well he handled the difficult moment. The conductor raised his eyes again and said, “Did you hear that, Lord?”

Which voice would have rattled you more? The criticism? The praise?  Funny how some people languish over one word of criticism. Others are spun around by one word of praise.  How loud is the voice of God in your life?  Is His voice enough to silence the voices of criticism and praise from others?

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