Why You Want to Know God

How do we “be” with God?

Well, how do you grow friendships? Fall in love? How do you learn anything? First you see or hear something that piques your interest. Then you see a benefit to yourself. It sounds selfish but it is true. We are drawn to new things and even people first by what we perceive we will gain from them or the relationships. Then there is a level of discovery and fascination that leads to more and more connection and appreciation. And then ultimately comes the phase where we want to invest and give of ourselves to that thing or person.

This makes the God-head the best Person in the world, ever.
(You know – the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – Them.)

God is the most interesting, funny, perplexing, gentle and romantic Person I know. And our relationship grew over time, and continues to change, over time. There is an investment on both our parts, Theirs  and mine, to know and be known.

We both gain benefit from being in relationship. I enjoy Them. They enjoy me. But it didn’t start out that way. It was very one-sided.

It was all Them in the beginning.

Although I really thought it was all me in the beginning.

Let me explain. My friend Lyschel has a little girl named Blaire. And Blaire is not walking or talking but she thinks she is. She scrambles and stumbles around on legs not quite ready yet and she babbles and slaps her leg and carries on.  She really thinks she is the one putting forth all the effort in the relationship.

But really it is her mom and dad constantly engaging and talking and teaching her. They are the ones loving on her until she matures to the place they can really communicate.

In a very simple way, I think we begin our relationship with God the same way. We think we’re doing all the work with little results. But God. It’s not so.

If you feel like you are the one babbling and God is not really responding, keep babbling. Because every time you turn your heart to Him, you’re practicing. And one day you will realize that you have grown up and things are different. A conversation has begun that only gets deeper and richer.

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