Mom’s Perspective of The Father’s Plan

I am delighted to share a small peek into the transformation process as God prepares and equips His children for His work. As you know, Beth Hungerford is returning to Zimbabwe  a week from Thursday. (Please see the end of the blog for her outstanding needs and contact information.) What you may not know is all that God had to overcome to get her ready to go. Enjoy this perspective from her mom.


“My” child at age two cried not to go outside because there were bugs. Or later as a very quiet child would panic at the sight of a dog or animal in the distance at the ball park. She freaked out when on a field trip with no bathroom in sight and refused to go behind a tree to take care of business.

After graduating high school,  she did not want to go to college because she didn’t know what to major in. Then after finishing college decided to stay in Knoxville to fellowship with a group of young women to know God more so she was willing to take an entry level job. Now she will use her home schooling experience for others and hopefully her recreational therapy degree for the benefit of Zimbabwe teens half way around the world. How little did I see God’s weaving of her experiences into what is now a love of others, animals and outdoor life.

She has moved into a new level of trusting God as she seeks to hear Him. We have a new level of trusting God as her parents that it is His voice she hears. He loves her more than I and she is really His not mine.

Liz Hungerford


I love watching the Father work out His plan.  Please continue to pray for Beth as we all prepare to launch her into this next chapter. If you want to continue to be updated, please send an email to with “Beth Update” in the subject line. You will be added to the group email prayer updates.

And for those of you who have asked, she is still praying in $2000 for her six month stay. You can send donations directly to her mom’s address below.

Liz Hungerford
8721 Simpson Rd.
Knoxville, TN 37920

Thank You, Lord, for Your plans that are for our good and not for harm. Thank You that we will find You when we seek You with all our hearts. We pray grace on Beth and those who must let her go. And we pray Your name be her shield and reward. Amen.

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