God’s Work?

I am reading this great book, Rework. It is one of those rare books that actually has something fresh to say rather than regurgitated mush. Small is good. Meetings are a waste. No time is no excuse. And, I like how God keeps talking about “work” through this book, and others, like Linchpin and Proverbs.

Proverbs says: all hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.

These authors remind us about the beauty of “work.” Work is not workaholism, busy for busy sake or busy for a pat on the back. More hours is not more work. Work is not watching the clock, punching a card.

Work is something very intrinsic to our nature; it is set apart. Dare I say it – Holy? When you sit around and watch TV, surf the web, or whatever you do to “zone” out, do you feel good? Proud of how you spent your time?

Or, rather, when you have attacked a problem and begun resolution, when you have quit making excuses and started writing, working out, cleaning, building, whatever you’ve been avoiding, don’t you feel PRODUCTIVE? You have created something of value.  And in some small measure you feel more alive. I’m not talking about proving value; I’m talking about revealing God’s giftings.

God never does half-ass work.  He always puts His whole heart into whatever He is doing. He loves what He is doing, and nothing deserves less than His best. Maybe, just maybe, that is why Colossians says: Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the
Lord, not for men. (3:23)

God has created you for good works so that the two of you, together might be revealed. So are you working, or talking about working?

Lord, teach us to count the days and make the days count. Amen.

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