Longings Fulfilled

So what is the opposite of “her desire will be for her husband”?

Her desire will be for and BE MET in her God. Do you see how much more this resembles the garden? Her longing is so deep only her Lover, the Lord can fill it. When she is fully defined and satisfied in Him, when she embraces all she is in Him, then and only then is she free to release her womanhood, her True God Expression of a Woman in a relationship with a man. Her glory is restored. Or should I say, God’s Glory in her is released.

Desire. This is how Jesus feels about me and about you. This intense longing. Talk about glory.

When you understand that Jesus loves us this intently, this relentlessly, then you begin to see why marriage is so important. There is nothing more powerful than when two people released in the Spirit of God come together in marriage. Talk about fireworks!

Why? Because when a man and a woman know who they are in Jesus, faults and all, they come together in God’s strength, for His glory, out of His overflow—it is truly breath-taking. It has little to do with the couple, it has everything to do with the picture. A lovestruck bridegroom, an eager and willing bride.

And to think His desire is for me… this kind of desire is for me, for you…


But what if you are not married?

Then all the more —to discover who we are as women, rather than thinking we will only be complete with a man. I know so many women who live in this kind of “lacking” state because there either 1) don’t have a man, or 2) they don’t have a man who meets their needs.

You have a man. A Royal Husband. His name is King Jesus. Have you met Him? If you are looking for a man, trying turning to the one who is looking for you. As my college friends say, He is the bomb.

His love truly satisfies.

Sisters, whether married or not, it was never the human man’s job to meet all our needs. Nor our job to meet all of his needs. It is, however, Jesus’s desire to meet our longings. He longs to release and restore us, to enliven us. Then out of this overflow we pour into others whether that is in our relationships, marriages, families, or communities.

Ephesians 1:23 says that Jesus fills everything in every way.

So what do we do with that? Sigh and say “oh well.” Or do we scratch our heads and think it must be something we’re doing wrong? Do we think “Ah ha! I need to change men”? Or “Ah ha! I need to change my man”?

Or do we stop and listen? Really listen, and hear that cry from somewhere deep within, the hunger that aches in our bellies and instead of going to the mall or the spa or the gym, go to the only source that can answer the call and satisfy the hunger.

Excerpt taken from Unhindered, Chapter 43

Let’s Get Real Here:

Where do you go when you ache with longing? Do you think Jesus can meet your every need? Even your need for romance and physical intimacy? Do you believe He wants to fulfill your desires? Do you give yourself permission to voice your desires?

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