The Light of His Presence

After teaching an intense retreat this weekend, and busy Monday, I sat down today to “eat” on the word. My spirit was grumbling like an empty belly. As I was reading through Psalms, I kept running across the phrase, in the light of your presence.

Not once, but many times.  And as I kept reading, I had a “Nemo” moment: when all these scenes connected together.

The women on Saturday night not knowing how much God desires them…

The teens on Sunday morning, not seeing that God longs to help them succeed in the middle of this culture…

The woman on Monday afternoon, not being able or willing to believe that she doesn’t have to “perform” to be valued…

My own heart needing clarity as I navigate politics and protocols with other organizations…

In the light of Your presence.

Without Him we cannot see. He wants us to get that all these appetites, all these hungers, questions and needs, are met in Him. “In the light of your presence,” there is such comfort. His light reveals. His presence heals. He helps us see what we cannot see, but desperately need to.

Think about these spiritual nuggets:

“There is no shadow of turning with thee”  God is not moving. He will not turn His back on us. Jesus’s death means he will not change his mind about us. There is no darkness in Him, so if we need revelation of our gray areas, we need only ask, believe, receive.

“We walk in the light as He is in the light.” His Spirit is “ever” interceding, ever leading us into greater light and understanding.

“There is NO condemnation for those who are in Christ.” Romans 8:1

God is constantly telling us that They (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) are With us and For us.  Their love is the answer for every ache in our hearts. But we have to believe that.

In the disappointing movie, The Invention of Lying, the producers set up the story to be an assault against the Christian faith. But it actually turned out to be a revelation of how desperately the human heart needs and longs for direction. We want and need the light. However, the movie’s message chose to remain in darkness. And hopelessness. They refused to “see” that His presence is real. And His light changes everything.

Utter dependence on God is the goal. Jesus said, Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Feast on Him. Enjoy Him. Let His presence be the Light you live by.

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  1. yeah i thought that movie was terrible too. and shocking how blatantly attacking it was against christianity….like the screenwriters were especially angry about something!

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