Extra, Extra, Read All About It…

Chuck saw this great tagline on the side of a truck. “We are the extra that makes extraordinary possible.” I love this. It goes right along side with something the Lord has been stirring in me.  God has placed within each of us His creative presence. Think about it.  You already understand the notion because we say, ‘I got my artistic bent from my mom.’ Or  ‘I got my sense of direction from my dad.’ Get it? We can naturally link our talents, gifts, and quirks to our parents.

So what did we Supernaturally get from our Heavenly Parent?  Our ability to create. Something of beauty, usefulness, impact. Something that makes us all sit back and say, “Wow, how did you do that?”  To which our honest reply is, “Me and God, we did that together.”  There is a hum, or flow; there is a spiritual tandem that happens when we put our hands and hearts to a task and ask His hands to be in there too.

But here is the challenge.  We are tempted to Cope instead of Create.

What I am seeing is our enemy knows this creative connection and he hates it. He hates the relationship that grows with our Maker during the creative process. He hates the outpouring of God’s glory that the end product generates. He especially hates the healing that comes when we use all that energy to do something With God, rather than coping in effort to hide From God.

So the enemy does all he can to lure us away from any creative process. Give me food, sex, TV, drugs, sports, even books. Give me anything to numb out. But the greatest works of art, music, architecture have been born from a broken heart. People who took human angst and with God’s supernatural connection brought beauty from ashes. Whether big or small, renown or recluse, we were born to create good.

Where is your extra that makes the extraordinary possible? Don’t cope it up and hide it out. Let it out. We need to see what you and God can do together.

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