Are You Excited?

Yesterday was Zoo day with Zooee. (That is Charis’ nickname, Zoo-ee.)  At 5:45 a.m. she jumped in our bed and whispered, “I am so excited, I just can’t wait to go to the Zoo today.”

In my pre-coffee grogginess, I gave her a warm hug and felt her back. “Are you dressed already?” I mumbled.

“Yes!” she all but squeaked. “I looked at the time and I know that we leave at “25 o’clock”  so I didn’t want to be late.”

“Honey,” Chuck said, “We leave at 7:25 not 6:25.”

“Ohhhh,” she said.

The whole rest of the day, from getting to school to waiting in line, to seeing each beautiful animal, Charis’ eyes were glowing. This was one exciting day. At dinner, she had to replay the day for us. She acted out the otters sliding up against the glass, the bird swooping close over her head in the bird show, the slide at Kid’s Cove and many other “moments.”

It was so good for my soul.  Not the child mania of course with groups of colored t-shirts screaming and yelling, or the near comatose chaperones trying to keep up. Her eager anticipation before Zoo day, and her enthusiasm the day of reminded me of what it was like to just be willing to be “wowed.”

I told Chuck for this moment in time, “It is so beautiful to watch a happy child have happy expectations.” Don’t get me wrong, there are many, many children who have no happiness, or hope of happiness. Just watch the movie “Precious” to get a reality check for way too many children right under our noses.

But for this golden moment, it was heavenly. It was a glimpse of our God-image.  She was full of hope and joy, grateful and simply wiggling with “what is to come.” No worry, no doubt, no demands.

Do you have many of these moments with the Lord?  I mean, really. Do you allow yourself time to get out of the muck to look up, look out, and see the “wonder of what is to come”? Do you ever get wiggly over just having a day to play, to have an adventure, to be alive?

There really is something to that childlike faith thing that Jesus talked about. He is so so smart.

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