“To Tell the Old, Old Story”

It has become for us like putting up the Christmas Tree, only at Easter Time.

We take out and unwrap each piece that we have made or gathered. And as we do, we reflect on its specific contribution to the greatest story ever told.  There is a donkey with yarn fur. A clay bowl. A paper Jesus with red crayon marks on His hands and feet.  And more. We call it the “Resurrection Scene” and we put it on display a few weeks before Easter. Why?  Because it became absurd to us that we would spend so much time and money to “deocrate and celebrate” the coming of Christ, and not “decorate and celebrate” His death and resurrection. For without these two events, Jesus was just a baby.

This year we are making a scurge. It was Salem’s suggestion because she has been studying armor and medieval weaponry for years. But I am watching to see what the Holy Spirit does in her heart, as her hands create a weapon like that which ripped the flesh of her Lord.  Our Lord.  Ripped for us. “By His stripes we are healed.”

And now, just for review… someone tell me what on earth the easter bunny has to do with this beautiful story?  What can candy and a farcical absurd notion of rabbits laying eggs possibly add to the power and awe of our sins being washed away by the blood of the Lamb?

What could be more “magical” than a dead man being raised back to life? How great our joy.

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