Take a Breath, by Guest Blogger, Beth Hungerford

The Lord gave me a really cool spiritual picture.  Jana was talking to me about sin issues and how when we have a break-through that it’s like God is bringing us up for air and letting us take a breath before we have to go back down and keep working through the issue.  In other words, we are not done; He’s just giving us a breath and a sense of making progress.

Here is the picture He gave me.  We were playing water polo during swim practice several summers ago.  Brittany, my very fun and extremely competitive coach, was on the other team.  I was having a great game and had scored 2 or 3 times practically unguarded.  Brittany was getting frustrated that no one was defending me so she switched from offense to defense.  The next time I got the ball she wrapped her arms around me from behind so tightly and completely that I couldn’t move and plunged me under the water in hopes that I would let go of the ball.  After a few moments she brought me back up said, “Take a breath,” and immediately dunked me right back under.  This is such a strong picture for me of what Jana was talking about.

As I thought about it more the Lord clarified it a little making a distinction.  Brittany was taking me under trying to get me to give up and stop fighting whereas the Lord’s goal is for us to be free and have a deeper and closer walk with Him.  He lets us struggle until we are ready to give up and then brings us up for air to let us catch our breath and says, “Ok you ready? You are stronger now and you can hold your breath longer so this time we are going in deeper and it’s going to be even more amazing.”

This goes for more than just sin issues.  I need to remember this the next time I find myself having to deal with something I thought I had already worked through.  We weren’t done, He was just giving me a breath.

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