A Question of Worth, by Guest Blogger, Laura Jones

Hi, sisters!  Pray for Jana as she’s getting ready to teach ANOTHER retreat this weekend.  She asked me to share one of my stories with you, so I wanted to let you in on a conversation Lyschel and I had the other day.  Hope her words bless you like they did me. ~ Laura

A Question of Worth

“I’m so mad!  She’s just so belittling and nit picky.  I can never please her!  And it was the STUPIDEST argument anyway.  And I was right!  And she wouldn’t admit it.  And I don’t want to appologize to her because she’s being a ____.”  I dumped all this in Lychel’s ear.

“On top of that, I had to take out a school loan.  I’m embarrassed that I even need one.  I should manage my money better,” I added. “Moreover, I cried at the bank because I was so upset over the argument. That’s embarassing too.  I feel like a total loser.”

Lychel just listened.  “You have permission to be mad, if that’s what you’re looking for.  And you’re not a loser.  You’re God’s.   You’re so good. Remember that your value isn’t based on your performance.”

“I know you’re right.  I just want to know why it bugs me SO badly when someone acts like I’m stupid. Why am I feelng so much embarassment?  Why does it matter so much?”

“Sounds like there are a lot of  ‘worth’ questions in there to me.”  Lyschel replied.

Bingo.  I knew she had just hit home.  Jesus has been talking a lot to  me lately about my worth to Him. Why is it that He treasures me again? 

Because of how smart I am?  No.   

My service? No. 

My loving others well and always being kind?  No.  Good thing, because I just blew that one.

He loves me because of Who He is.  Because it delightes Him to do so.  He calls me a pearl.  Because of WHO He made me. My worth is a WHO not a WHAT.

And in loving but uncomfortable ways, He’s letting me see that too!  He’s letting me see that I can’t determine my value by anything other than what He determines it by:  What HE says, and Who HE is.


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