Who’s Got Your Back? By Guest Blogger, Beth Hungerford

Jana is preparing for a marriage retreat. But she will be back on Monday with a special blog about Wrinkle Release!! Some of Jana’s recent posts are available here.

Enjoy this great story from Beth.

I was on a walk with the Lord when I started seeing snails.  Every few steps I was passing a little snail on the ground. I didn’t really think anything of it until I was almost to the end of the greenway and there was a much bigger snail on the ground.  It caught my attention because the shell was spotted just like the back of those giant slugs you see every now and then.

The last time I was out at the rock when I had stopped fighting and was only pulling on the really loose rocks, I had accidently grabbed one of those huge slugs thinking it was a piece of the rock because it was underneath it.  I don’t get grossed out very easily but that did it for me.

At the time I had heard God telling me to pay attention but I didn’t know what a slug had to do with anything and I had pretty much forgotten about it until I saw this snail.  I was looking at it and basically commenting to the Lord about how it looks just like that slug and He said, “Except that it carries that big heavy shell with it everywhere it goes. Wouldn’t it be easier if it didn’t have one like the slug?”

I said “Yeah but the shell is how it protects itself,” and the Lord responded, “Yes, but the slug was protected too…it  just has to rely on an outside source of protection and was using the rock.”

WOW…I’ve been thinking a lot about that and He’s showing me that’s why I’m fighting so much.  I think I’m protecting myself, but really I’m just making it harder and heavier than it needs to be.

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