For the Sheer Pleasure. . .

I was brewing on a question my friend asked me about writing a few months ago.  It surfaces in my thoughts every couple of weeks when I get a quiet moment. She asked, “Do you write for some teaching purpose or just because you enjoy it?” I still hate that question because I continue to look for the right answer, as if there is one.

But here is an even crazier question that God posed to me yesterday: “What do you do for the sheer pleasure of doing it?”

It really took me aback because like all good grown-ups, my to-do lists are filled with obligations, duties and responsibilities.

But for the pleasure of doing something? Not just fun or relaxing or worse, coping. But “pleasure.” Webster’s dictionary defines it as “fulfilling desire, gratification, pleasing in the utmost way.”  And then to make things worse, I thought of the passage out of Psalm 16 where it says that God has eternal pleasures in His right hand.

Does this mess with your mind like it does mine?  Not service. Not missions. Not work with purpose. Not should’s and ought’s.

But pleasures. Eternal pleasures.  Do you ever even think of the word “pleasure” and “God” in the same sentence?

So what do you do just for the pleasure of doing it?  I’ll get back to you later when I have an answer myself.

4 thoughts on “For the Sheer Pleasure. . .

  1. This was an interesting probe into the heart. There are a lot of pleasures I enjoy. There are worldly pleasures such as watching a good movie, or eating in a nice resturant. Those pleasures are temporary. My greatest pleasures feed my soul and are eternal. My soul craves the word of God and to learn all I can while I’m here on earth. I enjoy reading a good book that can shed more light into my existence in the world. I enjoy doing art and being creative, which for me is a gift from God. He’s creative too! I also enjoy doing things for others and showing the love of Christ. However, I have to admit; my temporary pleasures often curb my soulful pleasures and deep down my spirit is broken and hungry when that happens. Thank you for posting the question. Maybe I will do better this year.

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