How’s Your God Life?

Today I am doing a little experiment, but I want to frame it up for you:

This is not a to do list or  a report card or a syllabus for the Christian life. This is more like a doctor’s visit where you look for symptoms, pains and needs. The goal is to help you maybe take a little medicine, adjust your lifestyle, cut out or add to your diet so that you can live healthier and stronger.

I want ask you some practical questions about your God life. Why? Because if you are not careful, you will read this blog, and others’ blogs, books and ideas and get more information but not more Revelation of God.

How can that be?  Because information is not the source of the God life. There are many people who are stuffed like turkeys with biblical knowledge but have no deepening relationship with God. The Bible called them Pharisees. To know the deep things of God, we are to ask, seek, knock for the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth. We search for truth as though we are looking for treasures. And the good news is, God promises that we will find Him when we seek Him with our whole hearts.

In short, we are talking about a willing spirit. Willing to know God. Willing to look for Him.  Willing to be open to His leading. Only the life of God produces God life. David said in Psalm 51, “Lord grant me a willing spirit to sustain me.” David knew that God was worthy of the search and that finding more of God helped him to do his daily life in a sustained, supernatural way.

So here are some questions to ponder and answer. (Not just read and blow past…)

  1. On a regular basis do I set aside time to talk to God in a purposeful way, like I would to any person of importance? (Meaning not just in the shower, on the toilet, during drive time, or in a crisis)
  2. Do I have a piece of scripture that I am currently chewing on,thinking about, memorizing, believing?
  3. Do I purposely try to interrupt my life with the supernatural by listening to music that propels me heavenward, going for a walk and noticing God’s beauty, talking to a friend about God truths?

Okay this is enough prodding for today.  It isn’t a test to pass or fail, praise or condemn. . . . It is a doctor’s diagnosis.  Are you spiritually anemic? Then ask, seek, knock.  Bang on the doors of heaven.

One thought on “How’s Your God Life?

  1. Thanks for the update on going deeper with God. I am in the midst of seeking and knocking to find an answer for me. This morning I was reading the scripture Mark 1:15(TLB) “Turn from your sins and act on this glorious news.” In the #2 on chewing and thinking, I have a word that has me thinking:STOP = stop,think,obey,pray. It is the truth that sets us free.

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