God Story: The Aroma of Christ

Wow.  That’s all I could say last night as woman after woman through tears, laughter and awe poured out their God stories. Stories of hearing God speak to them, stories of hearing their names, or receiving much needed comfort, or rejoicing in gifts given.  All revelations and encounters with the Living God.

It is so like the woman who washed the feet of Jesus with her tears and then poured fragrant oil on His head.  The whole room was stunned silent as the scent of perfume reached every person present.

Nothing is as intoxicating as the aroma of Christ’s love. He pours out His love on us which then becomes an offering that we pour back on Him in praise, in story, in retelling again and again.

Tell your stories. Don’t mind the other people in the room who might criticize or be confused.  Just let your tears and praise flow because we are all changed by your loving devotion…

Here is one of the stories from Tuesday night.  Look for more to come. ~ Jana

Let me say that I have had 3 “God stories” in my whole life where God has heard me and directly spoken to me and 2 of those stories are because of the WGR class.

SOOOOOO tonight I came to class early so I could turn in some shoes and look at the jewelry on sale.  I knew my friend Dana couldn’t make it to class tonight and that I had about 30 minutes or so before class started.  I read my Bible for awhile and then realized that I had to go potty.

As I was heading towards the bathroom I saw the yellow flyers to help a family in need for Thanksgiving.  I read the paper work which said that it would cost $100…..did you get that??????  Let me say it again……I read the paperwork which said it would cost $100 to help a family.  SO I am having this conversation with myself about how $100 is a lot of money especially since I was laid off from my job about a month ago, I am living off of credit cards, etc.  I am saying too myself if you have enough money to go to Target, go out to eat, etc. etc,…..you have enough money to help a family.  And then God says to me, “Help the family Anna, I will ALWAYS provide for you.”

So I take the paperwork, go wee and come back in to sit down and then someone comes over, picks up my Bible, puts something in it and closes it. She said, “You have really been on my mind. This is for you.” She gave me back my Bible and walked away.  Inside was a $100 bill.

GOD is so amazing.  I cannot wrap my brain around how magnificent He is. Things like that don’t happen to me, Jana.  I have been a Christian since June 13, 1991 and I have never felt closer to Him than I do now.  After I prayed most of the way home, cried, etc. I turned on the radio and I hear “Healer” from our worship tonight.  “I believe You’re my healer, I trust You.”

WOW WOW WOW!!!!  That $100 will help a family that may not of had that blessing. I could burst with the love I feel from Him & this person.

I am soooooooo excited about the stuff He’s doing in my life!!!!!!!


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  1. Jana I so look forward to your blog. It is spirital fuel to get my day going. It is a blessing to me. Thank you, In His Love, Anita (from Ohio, Lyschels Mom) Love ya

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