“We tend to become the decisions we make. The more we choose something, the more we become that something. We are all in the process of solidifying our identities by the decisions we make. With each decision we make, we pick up momentum in the direction of the decision.” Greg Boyd

Page 51, Letters from a Skeptic, a Son Wrestles with His Father’s Questions about Christianity
by Dr. Gregory Boyd and Edward Boyd

Isn’t this a powerful truth? Don’t you see this everywhere, inside the church and out? The Bible says, “The tongue has the power of life and death; ” “where your treasure is your heart will be;” “if the eye is full of light the whole body will be light.”

I am reading this powerhouse book, Finding your Strongest Life, by Marcus Buckingham and it really twists your head around how and why we do what we do. It seems like the Lord is bringing this over-arching message to me, to us, about the intention of our focus, the power of our decisions. Intention doesn’t mean a happy ending. It just means that we will reap what we sow. The spiritual harvest comes from living out of the belief, “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Whatever you think, is what you is.

The Bible says that “David said in his heart…” That particular decision led him into months of murder and destruction for the enemy as he pretended to have joined their ranks. It also says that “Daniel purposed in his heart” that he would not defile himself with the king’s food. Both of these men made decisions, focused their intentions with radically different outcomes.

So where are your thoughts these days? What decisions about your life are you choosing? Or refusing to choose? Because you know, the absence of a decision is still your decision.

And to flip the coin, dwell on God’s decision about you. You are loved. You are lovely. You are His handiwork, created in advance to do good works. He loves to think about you and brag on all the two of you will do together. He has made His Decision about you. He chose you forever.

waiting room
by shane barnard

i will run when i cannot walk
i will sing when there is no song
i will pray when there is no prayer
i will listen when i cannot hear

sitting in the waiting room of silence
waiting for that still soft voice i know
offering my words up to the rooftop to Your heart
trusting that this closet’s where You are

Lord i know if i change my mind
You will change my heart in time
Sovereign Lord this time’s from You
so i sit in the waiting room of silence
cause its all about You

i will fight when i cannot feel
i will trust when You don’t seem real
i will tell when i cannot speak
i will step when i cannot see

One thought on “Decisions

  1. Did you write this one for me?? Cause I think you did for sure this time! ; ) Thank you Jana for speaking into my life over and over without fear. God bless you! Shimmi

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