Real Questions. Real Answers.

Does anybody else get tired of pat, worldly answers that never hit the deep spots? Even the answers that are wearing Christian clothes but just don’t fit? What about a “Dear Jesus” column? What if Jesus Himself spoke into the real needs of our lives?

In my first WGR class, I asked the women there, “What would you like to hear a Bible study on? What are your questions?”

The answers flew like popcorn:

Broken relationships.
What about boredom?
How do you dream?

We try to tackle those questions in class. I’m also going to try to tackle them here. Each Wednesday, I’ll post one of the questions that I get every week from the class, from your emails, and from the women I meet with.  I don’t have all the answers.  But Jesus does. Together, we’ll try to see what Jesus says as we journey together.

In and Through Him,


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