Prayer for Monday


Spent yesterday on a trail in the Smokies.  At one point I found I was getting tired and I had my head down looking at my feet plodding on the trail, thinking about how hard it was.

And then I sensed the Lord saying, “Jana you are missing the beauty. Look farther down the path, instead of at your feet. That way you will be able to look at the wonders around you as you are going.”

When I raised my head, the view was breath taking, to the left and right vibrant colors, overhead a canopy of autumn glory. My feet may still have hurt but my heart sure was lifted.

So my prayer for you today is that you will look down the path you are on instead of at your feet taking one tiresome step at a time. He knows you are weary. He knows your muscles are sore. But he also knows where you are going. And he has surrounded you with his beauty.

Look for God along the way and you will surely see him.

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